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Sprinklr Campaign Manager Pro

Make the most out of the publisher and learn how to manage the Digital Asset Manager

1h 15m


Sprinklr Community Manager Pro

Learn how to utilize engagement dashboards to never miss an engagement opportunity and learn all aspects of an engagement dashboard.



Sprinklr Media Planner Pro

Learn to leverage advanced Advertising features to maximize efficiency in building Campaigns in Sprinklr while collaborating with other teams to leverage existing audience data.

1h 4m


Sprinklr Marketing Operations Pro

Learn how to stay aligned and consistent with brand guidelines, streamline campaign requests, and track content production activities within brand campaigns.

1h 3m


Sprinklr Marketing Manager Pro

Develop a brand strategy and ensure consistent brand voice across all marketing campaigns. Mitigate potential PR crises by ensuring compliance and eliminating red flags before campaigns are delivered.



Sprinklr Content Creator Pro

Learn how to execute marketing campaigns that operate within the campaign budget and guidelines, are produced in an agile way that saves production cost, and ensures easy content creation.

1h 19m


Sprinklr Media Practitioner Pro

Learn to streamline the creation of your Ad Campaigns in Sprinklr with the omni-channel Ads Composer while maximizing your return on Ad spend with AI-powered real time optimizations.

1h 32m


Sprinklr Insight Analyst Pro

Learn how to leverage Sprinklr Insights for brand research, Lead Generation, Audience Research, and Crisis Research.

3h 31m


Sprinklr Conversational AI Pro

This path is a culmination of various courses under the conversational AI module.